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Most common problem:

Couples wait too long to get help. 

Have resentments reached a level where compassion & connection have faded, and distance is growing? 

Repeating the same conflicts,

(same fight, different day)?

For even minor issues, come in

and get a relationship tune-up.

Don't let life's stressors divide you.

You can get back on the same team.


What is "normal" grief?

When will I feel like myself again?

It's so intense, at times, I can't bear it.

I won't get over it, and I don't want to "move on," I just want to go back. 

Do these sound familiar? There is a path to healing, and it doesn't involve getting "over it." Grief can come in many forms, and there are as many ways of managing and addressing it. 


One question:

What challenge do you want to

tackle or overcome?

Are you carrying too much stress, battling anxiety or depression?

Unhealthy habits have a hold on you?

Adjusting to an unwelcomed transition or change in your life?

Whatever the circumstance, we'll sort it out and get you moving forward.

  • Stress management

  • Anger management

  • Self compassion & care

  • Manage your inner critic

  • Reduce perfectionism & procrastination

  • Communication at work and home


Common myth:

You can't teach an old dog

new tricks.

It's not true about dogs, nor humans!

We are endlessly evolving and learning,

as long as we are breathing. 

In your "golden years," whether you're dealing with unwelcomed aspects of aging, managing pain, illness, or loss, or struggling to adjust to a new chapter in your life, we can tap into your strengths and resilience to regain the quality of life you desire.

Coping & Resilience

Life is predictable in one way:

it is unpredictable and involves constant change. Whether desired or not, those changes likely will cause you distress and discomfort, especially the lemons life throws you. Your mindset and approach will make all the difference in the impact these changes will have on you. Psychological flexibility is the key. Learn to strengthen this muscle, to effectively manage your current stressors and the winding road ahead. 

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