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My Thoughts on the Therapeutic Relationship

One of the most important elements in the therapy process is your relationship with your therapist. Finding a person who has the right combination of training, experience and interpersonal skills to connect with and guide you is essential. The clinical training involved to earn my doctorate, and the 16 years of private practice and consultant work I've done have fine tuned my skills.  


All training aside, I think the respect I convey to each client, my earnest efforts to understand the history that has led this person to my door, and the energy I bring to the collaboration process in therapy is what clients appreciate most. It's what solidifies the therapeutic relationships I create.


Therapy is such a personal, & unique process. The work I do with each client varies greatly, as does each client's personality, history, & goals.  My clinical experiences have led me to specialize in several areas: couples therapy, and adjustment to and coping through life transitions & stressors (e.g., marriage, family, infidelity, divorce, singles/dating, illness & health issues, retirement, grief & loss, & aging/geriatrics).


If you feel your life needs a makeover or it's time for a relationship tune-up, we can work together to make those plans your new reality. Stop hoping change will come, as the months and years pass you by.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  - Lao-tzu


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I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the State University of New York in Stony Brook (USB).  I received specialized training under the mentorship of Dr. K. D. O'Leary in the Stony Brook Marital Clinic (now called The Relationship & Forensic Assessment Clinic).


While at USB, I also trained in the following clinics:

- The Krasner Psychological Center

- Point of Woods Parenting Clinic



I completed my Internship training at the Medical University of SC in Charleston, MUSC.

While at MUSC, I trained at the following sites:

- National Crime Victims Center

- Medical University of SC - Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs

- Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Administration Medical Center



Following internship, I continued to work at the VA Medical Center providing services through the:

- Marital and Family Clinic

- Primary Care Mental Health Clinic

- Substance Abuse Treatment Center (SATC)


In the SATC, I co-developed and co-led a Family Group for veterans with addiction problems with a colleague.



To verify Dr. Schlee's license go to the NYS Education Department's Office of the Professions here.

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