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The Broken Man
Forest Trees

Welcome to my practice

I offer a unique blend of expertise and client-centered therapy for your life and wellness goals. 


The most common concern I have about the couples I see is that they've waited too long to get assistance. Don't put it off until the resentments have built up to a level where compassion & your connection have faded and distance is growing. For even minor issues, come in and get a relationship tune-up. Don't let life's stressors divide you.



Is there a part of your life that needs a "make-over" of some sort? Carrying too much stress, battling anxiety or depression? Adjusting to an unwelcomed transition or change in your life? Whatever the circumstance, we'll sort it out and help you regain your former level of wellness.

Working with Medicare Clients


After 14 years working in various nursing homes & assisted living facilities, I developed a special interest in individuals dealing with the challenges and adjustments of aging, as well as acute and chronic illness. Our focus can range from frustration and anger management, to coping with transition, to developing hope and resilience for this new chapter in life. 

"Walk It Off" Sessions
**COVID-friendly outdoor walking sessions.

Combining exercise, nature and therapy is a powerful mix. Research has demonstrated the positive effects of exercise on mood, as well as the uplifting and relaxing effects of nature. Weather permitting, we can get moving, take our session on the road, and soak in the healing forces of nature.  

Transform Your Inner Critic


Are you your own worst critic? Despite all your efforts, do you feel you are never good enough? Do guilt and procrastination often get in your way? Exploring the source of your internal criticism, and learning ways to soften that punishing voice can reduce stress, increase self esteem, and even enhance your productivity.

Wellness Services


Psychotherapy is not limited to treating mental health disorders. Lots of the cases I see involve enhancement of stress management & coping skills, building resilience, navigating through work/career, relationship and work stressors, and exploring other goals for personal growth. 

A Quick Look at Dr. Schlee

Title:                                 Clinical Psychologist

Licensed since:                2000

NYS License #:                 014586

Undergraduate degree:   B.A., Clark University, Worcester, MA 1990

Internship:                       Completed at MUSC, Charleston, SC, 1997-98

Graduate degree:             Ph.D., SUNY @ Stony Brook, NY 1999

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